Meniscal Repair

The meniscus is the pad of cartilage that sits between the ends of the bones forming the knee joint. There are 2 on each side of the joint, medial and lateral.

Meniscal Repair

With injury or wear and tear, these can become torn or damaged. These act as shock absorbers and help to protect the bearing surface at the end of the bones. When these are damaged or pieces removed with surgery the load transmitted to the joint surface increases and the risk of developing arthritis within the joint increases. whenever possible I will attempt to repair the meniscus to maintain its structure and function. This will slow down the initial recovery compared to removing a part of the meniscus but is well worth it in terms of protecting the knee and reducing the risk of arthritis. Many surgeons who perform knee arthroscopy but who are not specialist knee surgeons don’t have the required skills to repair the meniscus.

Meniscus tear and surgery treatment

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