Child and Adolescent Knee Clinic

As children and teenagers become increasingly involved in competitive sport and extreme activities such as skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking there is an increasing number of ligament and soft tissue injuries to the knee. As children's joints including bones and ligaments are still developing, they are at greater risk of damage.

About the clinic

I run a specialist clinic at the Spire hospital for Children and teenagers with knee injuries or pain. This is dedicated to the diagnosis and management of Children’s knee problems. The Spire Hospital, Bristol is the only hospital in the region where surgery can be offered to children under the age of 16.

Paediatric knee surgery

I sub-specialise in problems with children's and adolescent knees (paediatric) Through my work at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children I have built a practice seeing a large volume of young patients with Anterior cruciate ligament injuries and other knee problems.

The techniques utilised in reconstructing a child’s cruciate ligament can be different to those in an adult because the growing parts of the bones around the knee. It is therefore important to have an expertise in treating large numbers of cruciate ligament that only a specialist knee surgeon can build up but also have an awareness of the difference in this demanding group of patients. I have operated on a large number of children with high sporting aspirations and demands.

Injury prevention

It is possible to significantly reduce the risk of injury for children and young people involved in sport. There are a number of injury prevention programmes that have been demonstrated to reduce the risk of injury by up to 40% when they are regularly utilised.

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